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Why does our local Green Belt matter to you?

Our local Green Belt is under threat.

The Black Country Plan proposes building across green spaces that are so important to our local community, including:

  • 533 houses on the Kingswinford Triangle between Swindon Road, Lodge Lane and Kidderminser Road;
  • 330 houses on land between Holbeache Lane and the Charterfields estate.

Not only would this destroy Green Belt Land – but add unacceptable pressure to our local amenities, such as schools, roads and GPs.

We do need to build more homes, but there has to be a ‘brownfield first’ development policy. This would rejuvenate unused land, provide the vital homes we need and leave our previous Green Belt intact.

I'm working with local councillors in Kingswinford and Wall Heath to get these homes built in the right place, but we need your help.

Please sign the petition, respond to the public consultation and join our campaign to save our Green Belt, for our children and future generations to enjoy.

Mike Wood MP
Mike Wood
Member of Parliament for Dudley South

Save Kingswinford Triangle

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We oppose releasing the Green Belt land at the Kingswinford Triangle and Holbeache for development, call for those sites to be removed from the draft Black Country Plan, and urge more work to be done to find alternative choices on brownfield sites.

How we use your data: Mike Wood MP and the Conservative Party use information you provide for the purposes of democratic engagement. This covers a wide range of activities inside and outside election periods, including but not limited to: democratic representation; communicating with you; surveying and opinion gathering, campaigning activities; activities to increase voter turnout; supporting the work of elected representatives, prospective candidates and official candidates; and fundraising to support any of these activities. Your name and address will be shared with Dudley Borough Council as part of this petition.

Respond to the draft Black Country Plan

From Monday 16th August until Monday 11th October we need as many people as possible to respond to the consultation in the draft Black Country Plan to say why they think it would be wrong to build on our local Green Belt.

Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

Sign up for the consultation e-bulletin:

This is the preferred and best way to make sure you are informed about the consultation. Put in your email, receive your pin via email enter it on the Black Country Plan site and register your details.

Consultation website:

For all background information about the plan, and to submit you views on the consultation.


Use this if you are not able to submit your response through the consultation website.

Don't forget, the consultation is open for eight weeks between 16th August and 11th October. Responses after 5pm on 11th October will not be included in the consultation.


Save Holbeache

Useful documents

Below is a copy of the draft Black Country Plan, the summary of how the plan affects Dudley Borough, and a poster for you to print off and display of you would like to support our campaign.

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